Texas Wildlife Grant
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Rio Petroleum, Inc. is pleased to announce that Sheridan Coffey is the
2017 recipient of its Texas Wildlife Grant.  Rio applauds her contributions
to birdwatching in Texas.  Sheridan eagerly gets the rare bird alerts out
and always assists others in finding their target birds.

Sheridan had her interest in birds sparked by a flock of Red-winged
Blackbirds in the cornfield behind her house in rural Pennsylvania at the
age of eight. She read every book she could find on birds, along with her
other interests in reptiles and horses. This passion was rekindled in the
early 90s, when she noticed numerous orioles, tanagers and warblers
visiting a mulberry tree in her back yard in urban Fort Worth. She became
involved in Fort Worth Audubon Society and took on several positions in
the group, including field trip chairman, conservation chairman and
compiling the North Central Texas Rare Bird Alert, a phone and internet
alert advising birders of unusual birds in the area. Later she took over the
Texas State Rare Bird Alert. In 2001 she moved to San Antonio, where she
soon became field trip chairman for San Antonio Audubon.  She currently
serves on the Bexar County Birds Record Committee, which compiles
sightings to determine bird distribution changes in the south central
Texas area and document rarities.

She has worked hard at quickly getting information to other birders in
Texas and beyond about Texas birds of interest, using the internet, social
media and even going old-school by picking up a telephone. She and her
spouse, Martin Reid, spend many hours in the field, documenting the
birds they find. Currently they are compiling personal bird lists for every
Texas County.  On any given weekend Sheridan will be birdwatching
somewhere between Texline and Brownsville or between Beaumont and
El Paso.