Barrett W. Pierce
Barrett W. Pierce - President

Barrett Pierce is a businessman involved primarily in oil
and gas exploration and production, real estate and other
investments.  In 1979, Mr. Pierce formed Rio Petroleum,
Inc., an Amarillo based oil and gas operating company.  
Today, Rio explores for and produces oil and gas in Texas
and Oklahoma.  Mr. Pierce is a member, director and/or
owner of numerous private entities and industry related
organizations and associations.

His community interests include education, youth,
sustainable management of the environment, preservation
of critical bird habitat and science.  Mr. Pierce and his
related business interests have supported and participated
in many initiatives, organizations and efforts in all these
Stephen Salgado - Vice President

Stephen Salgado joined Rio Petroleum in October 2018 to
serve as Vice-President. His career in upstream oil and
gas began in 2004 with a small family-owned E&P
company, Jilpetco Inc. He worked his way into managing
the Accounting, Land, HR, Regulatory and
Owner/Investor Relations Departments, as well as
supporting the Drilling and Production department for
Jilpetco and for several related holding companies. This
led to the opportunity to help establish Amazing Energy
LLC and Amazing Energy Inc. as vehicles in the Reverse-
Merger that was achieved with a public company. Mr.
Salgado would go on to serve as Chief Financial Officer,
Secretary and Treasurer for Amazing Energy Oil & Gas,
Co., the nano-cap publicly traded company that resulted
from the Reverse-Merger.   

Past roles for Mr. Salgado include serving as President,
Secretary and Treasurer for Amazing Energy, Inc., Vice-
President of Land & Legal for Amazing Energy, LLC., and
Secretary and Treasurer for Jilpetco Inc.  Mr. Salgado’s
proficiencies include being the Project Manager for
numerous oil and gas property acquisitions and
divestments, multiple Drilling Program Offerings, many
Recompletion Projects, several Common and Preferred
Stock Offerings, and a Reverse-Merger.  Mr. Salgado is a
2005 graduate of West Texas A&M University with a BBA
in Management. He and his wife, Lacey, enjoy life and
marriage together while getting to raise three sons.