Barrett W. Pierce
Barrett W. Pierce - President

Barrett W. Pierce formed Rio Petroleum, Inc. in 1979 to

Oklahoma.  He is President and owner of Rio.  Rio is
active in the Anadarko Basin (Texas Panhandle and
Western Oklahoma), the Hardeman Basin (North Texas),
the Dalhart Basin (Texas Panhandle), the Wilcox Trend
(South Texas) and the Permian Basin (West Texas).  His
oil and gas interests are held in various entities.

Mr. Pierce previously worked for Mesa Petroleum as a
Petroleum Engineer in Houston, as Assistant to the
President of Mesa Petroleum, Mr. Boone in Houston, as
Assistant to the President of Mesa Petroleum, Mr. Boone
Engineer on the Texas Gulf Coast.  His personal interests
include bird Pickens, in Amarillo and for Amoco as a
Reservoir Engineer and Petroleum watching, protection
and substainable use of our natural resources, hunting
and fishing.
Jim Marcum
Jim Marcum - Vice President - Business Manager
James B. Marcum joined Rio Petroleum, in 1990 as Vice
President and Business Manager.  Mr. Marcum
graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in
Finance in 1976.  He served in the United States Army
personnel records attaining the rank of Sergent E-5 and
received honorable discharge in 1978.  He was employed
from 1977 to 1990 as Controller of Scarth Oil and Gas Co.
Mr. Marcum oversees the accounting functions for the
company and eight affiliates which either own or
operate several hundred oil and gas leases; producing
reserve evaluations and figure range for Rio's aggressive
growth plan, contract negotiations and supervision of
the administrative staff.